Aviophilia 2017

AvioPhilia 2017


1st Aero Camp Event covered at Bengali Newspaper and TV channel
1st Aero Camp Event covered by a Bengali Newspaper and a TV channel.

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The Society of Aeronautical Engineers [Govt Regd 73/2016] and Wings of Aero Team jointly organizing Aviophilia 2017 [India’s 1st A National Level Aero Ornithopter Workshop] on 14th May 2017 at Dankuni – Hooghly,West Bengal. Aviophilia 2017 is organized especially to share the knowledge of aeronautics with school and college students, researchers and also with all the citizens of India who are all very interested to learn aeronautics.

The following members are the organizing committee members of Aviophilia 2017 event organized by Society of Aeronautical Engineers and Wings of Aero Team on May 14th 2017 at Dankuni, Hooghly – West Bengal.

  1. Aishwarya Dhara M.E, Department of Aeronautical – PSN College of Engineering and Technology, Tirunelveli.
  2. Ajin Branesh M.E, Technical Head – Wings of Aero – Tirunelveli.
  3. Pon Maa Kishan A M.E [PhD], President – Society of Aeronautical Engineers.
  4. Aman Varun B.E, Joint Secretary – Society of Aeronautical Engineers.

Aviophilia 2017 event registration detailsAviophilia 2017 event details [Date Changed – 14/05/2017]


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