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The aim and objectives of the society, for which the same is established, shall be as follows:

1. To work for the aero educational upliftment of the rural and general public irrespective of caste, sex, creed and religion.

2. To establish, promote, set up, run, maintain, and assist aeronautical related small scale industries, aero museum by seeking proper permission from the concerned Govt. authorities and departments.

3. To undertake developmental activities independently or in collaboration with other organization.

4. To provide scholarship for bright & intelligent student for attaining higher standards into education related to aeronautical field.

5. To print publishing, sell or distribute books, journals, magazines, periodical news letter / paper and other publication on no profit no loss basis for the promotion of the society.

6. To raise or borrow money through bank loan or from individuals required for the purpose of society on an agreement by accepting rules and regulations of bank or from the individual.

7. To arrange and manage the training institutions and sports club for promoting aeromodelling RC plane design and other sports.

8. To arrange / organize discussions, seminars, conference and other lawful gathering for the promotions of aim and Objectives of the Society.

9. To establish and manage various kinds of Educational, Vocational, Industrial, Aeronautical Research and Training institutions to introduce and develop the professional course and also to arrange / provide all kinds of educational facilities to the students, research scholars, scientists, trainees and to other needy candidates.

10. To establish, manage, and develop such out of school activity-centers for the children of the underprivileged class/section of society where they could have the benefits and joy of participating in sports, games, artistic activities, and also organize educational trips.

11. To impart free education to the poor, helpless and needy children/students.

12. To offer prizes and grant scholarship to the deserving students.

13. To accept donations, grants, presents, and other offering (in the shape of moveable or immovable properties) and the same shall be utilized for the promotion of aims and objects of the society.

14. To conduct research in aeronautical field and other disciplines on the different subjects relating to education.

15. To conduct coaching classes for preparation of the various competitive examinations like JEE, GATE, etc.,

16. To start/run the various managements & other aeronautical engineers professional courses.

17. To construct, alter, maintain all or any part of the property/building of above society necessary or convenient for purpose of the attainment of the society’s subjects.

18. To purchase / acquire land for small scale industries, schools, aeronautical museums, aeronautical research centre and other establishments and to construct buildings thereon.

19. All the incomes, earnings, movable / immovable properties of the society shall be solely utilized and applied towards the promotion of society’s aim and objectives only as set forth in the Memorandum of the society and no profit, thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividends, bonus, profits or in any other manner whatsoever to the present or past members of the society or to any person claiming through any one or more of the present or the past members.

20.No member of the society shall have any personal claim on any moveable or immovable properties of the society or make any profits, whatsoever, by virtue of this membership.



  • Interact with national and local network of aeronautical, aerospace and mechanical professionals.
  • On-going support throughout your career with our free careers guidance.
  • Attend the International and National conference and other events conducted by Society of Aeronautical Engineers [SAeE] with 50% fee concession.
  • Internship in various companies.
  • Can become an editor or reviewer to the journals published by SAeE.
  • Can join as an organiser in an event organized by SAeE.


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The Governing body of the society shall have the powers to expel/terminate a member or / and members from the membership of the above society on the following reasons:

i. On his/ her death,

ii. On his/ her written resignation,

iii. If he/she is found to be involved in any anti-social activity.

iv. If he/she is found guilty by the Governing Body by means of anti propaganda of the activities of society.

v. If he/ she is adjudged by a competent court of law to be a criminal offender or unsound mind.

vi. If he/she fails to pay the subscription of contributions for three months from the due date.

vii. If he/ she has not attended three consecutive meetings without proper intimation to the society.

viii. If he/she disregards the Rules and Regulations or the decisions of the Governing Body.

ix. If five (or more than five) members of the society make a written complaint against any member the Governing Body of the society is authorized to take the decision of terminating of such member from the membership of the society.


I. The reason of termination/ cessation from the membership of the Society shall be communicated to the member concerned.

II. A member expelled from the membership of the society, shall have no right to enjoy the “Rights & Privileges” mentioned in clause No. 7 of these Rules & Regulations.


All and every member of the society:

i. Shall be entitled to participate in the meetings cultural, conference of various organization, and educational functions and other lawful gatherings, called/ arranged by the society.

ii. Have right to collect the identity card after depositing the required/prescribed fee (fixed by the Governing Body).

iii. The governing body members have one vote each.


Every member of the society shall:

i. Administer the oath of the office and loyalties to the society and/or its constitution.

ii. Attend the General Body meetings.

iii. Give the necessary information to the society pertaining to any matter which is necessary to be known by the society.

iv. Not indulge in activities which are prejudicial to the interest of the Rules & Regulations of the society.

v. The governing body members have to elect the President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary and Treasurer. Election will be held every three years. Each member has one vote to cast.


In case, any member of the society is expelled by the Governing Body on the reason of nonpayment of the Subscription he can be re-admitted provided the member concerned pays all up to date dues with the permission of the Governing Body.

NOTE: – Rules and regulation book will be issued to every members along with their membership certificate and ID card.

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